5 Reasons To Hear Live Music

Going out and hearing live music is important for so many reasons… Here are just a few of the most important points.

  1. It supports the musicians – The ones who spend countless late nights rehearsing after their day jobs deserve a few extra bucks in tips. They are working for you’re entertainment and if enough people throw a buck or two in the tip jar they may be closer to being able to afford studio time to turn you’re favorite song of theres into a recording to listen to in your car.
  2. It supports the bar/venue – Everyone enjoys a well made drink. As well as a nice and fun place to drink one. Taking the time to find, hire and pay a live band is more expensive than simply plugging in an iPod into some speakers and pressing shuffle. So this bar is putting in the extra effort to make your experience enjoyable and they deserve your support!

    The Naked Maja @ Empire Control Rooms patio
    The Naked Maja @ Empire Control Rooms patio
  3. It’s going to sound better – If you are anything like me… You absolutely hate loud thumping bass that blows your eardrums out and limits you from hearing anything else. A live band usually means a sound guy is on board and his only job is making sure the music sounds the best it can sound.
  4. It will fill up the venue – One of the hardest things about being in a band is getting people to come out to the shows. You’re friends can only come out and see you every so often. So having extra people who you don’t know is an opportunity to make new fans and fun friends! Taking that risk of going and seeing something new is always a good time!
  5. It’s simply more fun – I mean c’mon. This is a given. Having a live band gives you the full experience of music and has a much better chance of inspiring you, as well as the attractive human you’ve had your eye on all night to get up and dance! It’s a win win for everybody!

If you are an Austin resident there are plenty of good websites like Do512 that can help you find a cool spot to hang out! So find the nearest venue to get out there and dance! Go show some support to everyone who is working late nights trying to make a living doing what they love. If you as an audience member are having fun the band will be having fun and that is a win-win for everybody!

Comment below if you have any favorite spots in town to see a good live band!


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