Why You Should Support Live Local Music


Living in a city like Austin, Texas it is nearly impossible to escape live music. Some good and some bad but none the less… so much of it has been prepared by musicians spending countless hours trying to perfect their craft, just hoping to one day be able to make a living doing what they love. As you stand in line at the coffee shop, it may not even cross your mind to throw your change in the tip jar sitting in front of the singer/songwriter sitting on stage. You may think he is just “begging” for your money. But that is so far from the truth.

Chances are that the guitarist you are tuning out while you check Facebook on your iPhone has been doing this for years, just hoping to one day be discovered. He has hours spent in his room writing his feelings down and turning them into songs, simply hoping someone could relate. If people took the time to listen to these quiet heroes they may stand a chance. The dollar you could throw in their tip jar isn’t for charity or pity, but a kind gesture to say, “Good job. I enjoyed the songs you’re playing and you shouldn’t give up.” If everyone who passed that day had that same attitude he may be able to pay his rent with money he earned doing what he loves.

Buying Records

With technology such as Spotify and Apple Music, paying for music these days may seem dumb. To a certain extent I can agree with that. Bands like Foo Fighters and Coldplay are making enough money off ticket sales and merchandise that buying their new album isn’t going to make it or break it for those guys. They are already there.

Local band The Naked Maja at The Rattle Inn

Any young musician looking for some inspiration should click this link right now and listen to Dave Grohl explain his take on how to make it in the music industry. Beware of Dave’s potty mouth.. although it is definitely worth the watch.

Bar Bands

For the local band playing in your favorite bar on Wednesday night… If enough people pay $10 for the hard copy of the album it may just pay off. Those hard copies didn’t pay for themselves. They were most likely paid for out of the musicians pocket and it wasn’t cheap once you factor in all the instruments, gear, studio time, printing, ect. Not to mention the actual companies you have to pay to put your music on Spotify where it will be given away to everyone for free! How insane is that? You have to pay a company to give away your music for free.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 1.09.59 PM

          Bands Who Sell Out Stadiums

Some artists are fortunate enough where they don’t need their music to be heard more than it already is. So having their music on Spotify is unnecessary. I’m not saying I completely agree with Taylor Swift when she took all of her music off but I can definitely respect her and see where she is coming from. For more details on the story click here. Then comment below and say what you think of Taylor taking it off as well as Dave’s career advice from above. For grins, here is what Dave Grohl thinks of Taylor Swift.


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