That Girl Dre

Who is That Girl Dre?

Photo by: Ashley Haguewood
Photo by: Ashley Haguewood

Living in a city like Austin, Texas there are so many bands and artists that standing out is nearly impossible.  This past year Dre Mazzenga has been making herself memorable in the Austin music scene and looks to be on her way to some really big things.  Recently having won 1st place in TRCOA’s Top 25 Unsigned Artists in Texas has not only caught the eyes of many but it will also allow her to begin working on a new record which will be full of funky, soulful, pop hits that are bound to attract many more fans.

Pros about Dre

Crowds are initially drawn to the stage by the beautiful blonde girl standing behind the keyboard. But she has more than looks… Her voice sounds like it is straight from a powerful old soul record, before autotune, when vocalists legitimately had to sing their hearts out. It is very apparent that her songs have been thoughtfully worked out as there isn’t a dull moment in the set. The song structure moves fluently to keep the audience engaged in the music no matter what stage or venue she is playing.

To make things even better, off the stage she is one of the kindest and most respectable people I have ever met. Not only is she professional and organized but she is always energized and ready to have a good time! Whether you talk to her for 30 seconds or 30 minutes  you will always walk away with a smile.

Cons about Dre

There are no cons about Dre.

Where to find Dre

Recently she has been playing several times a month in the Austin area at venues such as Blackheart, Empire Control Room, Continental Club and Cactus Cafe. If things keep progressing at the level they have she will have to start hitting the road and spreading out her local shows. So hurry and catch her while you can in such an intimate setting!

Photo by: Alex Duck
Photo by: Alex Duck

One last thing I forgot to mention is that for the past few months I have been lucky enough to play guitar with her. I had been a fan for months before that though so I promise I am not biased! Check out this video of Dre singing at the piano to see just how amazing she really is!

You can go to her website or Facebook page to find out where she is playing with the full band so you can see for yourself what all the hype is about! Do you think she has what it takes to really make it on the national music scene?


3 thoughts on “That Girl Dre

  1. The photography on your blog is amazing! I love how the spectral color patterns on the photos make the artist(s) look very ethereal. I watched the video of Dre singing and her voice is very pretty. Love what you’re doing with your subject.


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